Women in power

27. 9. 2024 I 20.00

Women in power

Ἐκκλησιάζουσαι Ekklesiazousai

An ancient Greek comedy in a modern adaptation seeking political, personal, and economic alternatives for a better future.

The ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes (circa 445–385 BC) always poked at the political, economic, and social spheres of the polis with his sharp humor. Women in Power was created in the wake of the catastrophic consequences of the Peloponnesian War when many ideas for new, different, and, for that time, utopian socio-political changes began to form in Athens (ideas of communism, common property, women in power). The main heroine of Women in Power, Praxagora, decides, along with the women of Athens, to take over the assembly and fix the desperate state of the country, where there is increasing poverty, inequality, and injustice. In the adaptation by director Juš A. Zidar and dramaturg Maša Pelko, many of Aristophanes’ relationships will be problematized and used as a comedic device, but today they necessarily require different treatment: from the question of women’s freedom and their sexuality, the self-evident nature of slavery, to the idea of a fairer distribution of material goods. With these premises, the production will seek parallels with today’s world, which seems increasingly similar to a post-catastrophic universe fueled by violence and inequality, where radical systemic change is the only remaining option for a better life.

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