William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet

Arguably the most famous love story of all time, Shakespeare’s 1593 tragedy Romeo and Juliet is also one of the esteemed Bard’s most frequently staged plays worldwide. The opposing worlds, each represented and embodied by revenge-driven families – the Montagues and the Capulets –, dictate the young lovers’ fate. Dramaturg Nina Kuclar Stiković pointed out the following: “Ancient hatred and young love. Our fillers are opposites. Not only in conflict but also in word, thought and dramatic action. After a street fight, a party happens. A secret marriage is followed by a double murder. After the conviction of exile, however, the wedding night happens. Preparations for the wedding celebration turn into a funeral. An escape to love and hope for a happy ending, however, prevents a misunderstanding that leads to a double suicide. The world of opposites or the wrong world. The constant expectation of unexpected information.” In addition, director Aleksandar Popovski noted that he was fascinated by the power of a girl who decides to go through death only to get back into the embrace of love. Therefore, he thought it was important to show the story through her eyes: “In a world full of violence, aggression and fear, I felt like this gentle couple trying to keep the only thing they care about. Beauty.”

14. 2. 2021,
Stara dvorana
3 hours
One intermission


Srečko Fišer
Nina Kuclar Stiković
Sven Jonke (NUMEN)
Jelena Proković
Marjan Nečak
Žigan Krajnčan
Mojca Marič
Oblikovalec svetlobe
Aleksandar Popovski
Asistent režije
Luka Marcen
Asistent scenografije
Matic Gselman
Asistentka kostumografije
Nina Čehovin

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