Monja Obrul

Monja Obrul laid the foundation for her ballet career through rigorous training. She began at the Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet’s Lower Ballet School and the Ballet School in Slovenske Konjice. Her pursuit of excellence then led her to the prestigious Royal Ballet Upper School in London, United Kingdom. She completed her studies at the Academy of Dance at Alma Mater Europea. Early in her career, Monja Obrul’s outstanding talent and unwavering dedication to ballet earned her numerous awards and recognition. Notable achievements include her remarkable performance in the Young Slovenian Ballet Dancers Competition (BALTEK) in 2011, where she received a Gold Medal, a 2nd Prize, and a Special Jury Award for the Best Artistic Impression. Monja further excelled at the European Dance Union competition (ESDU), winning the 1st Prize in 2011. Her exceptional talent secured her a spot as one of the two representatives of Slovenia in the 2011 Eurovision Young Dancers competition.

Monja Obrul’s professional dance journey has been marked by a rich tapestry of experiences and performances. Her career includes collaborations with renowned ballet companies such as The Royal Ballet in London, United Kingdom, and the Mikhailovsky Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia, during their tour in Japan. In the Ballet of Slovenian National Theatre Maribor her repertoire includes roles in Les Noces (the Bride), Povodni mož (Urška), Peer Gynt (Anitra), Giselle (Myrta), Don Quixote (Queen of Dryads), Swan Lake (Big Swan), Madame Bovary (Madame Tuvache), Death in Venice (Bella, Tadzio’s mother), as well as performances in The Nutcracker, Eugene Onegin, Carmina Burana, Maestro, Mesečnica, Myth, Cinderella, Rite of Spring, Romeo and Juliet, and many more. Monja’s toured with the Maribor Ballet in Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Croatia, and Hungary.


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