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Slovene National Theatre Maribor

Diego de Brea

Diego de Brea <em>Photo: Sandra Požun</em>

Photo: Sandra Požun

Diego de Brea was born in 1969. He studied comparative literature and art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and worked for a while as head of the PR Office in the Department of Theatre at the Primorsko Drama Theatre in Nova Gorica. In 1995, he started studying theatre direction in the class of Professors Dušan Mlakar and Kristijan Muck at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. In 1999, his graduation piece, The Birth of Light, won an award at the International Student Production Theatre Festival in Brno.

In his almost twenty-year career span, Diego de Brea has become one of the most staggering theatre directors. His well-thought directions are often intertwined with the pertinent and distinctive set design, artistic imagery, and analytical skills within the dramaturgical premise. His directions are "empowered by the never eliminated gap between the desire and its realization, between dreams and reality, between freedom and entrapment". For him, the theatre is "the world people would long for, the world people would enter, the world that would bring them everything they miss in everyday life. Theatre is definitely not a mirror of the world – this is a crucial mistake in its understanding; the theatre evokes the otherness, and has – in comparison with other arts – the strongest potency of the illusion".
Diego de Brea tackles many genres ranging from youth pieces and puppet shows (even a puppet opera), to original projects, classical and contemporary texts, as well as musical vaudeville. His performances toured the festivals both in Slovenia, and abroad, such as the International Theatre Festival MESS in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Varna Festival in Bulgaria; Days of Satire in Zagreb, Croatia; Yugoslav Theatre Festival in Užice, Serbia; the Mladi levi and Exodos Festivals in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Mittlefest in Italy; International Small Scenes Theatre Festival in Rijeka, Croatia; BOK FEST in Bjelovar, Croatia; Purgatorije Theatre Festival in Montenegro; Ohrid Summer Festival in Macedonia; Split Summer Festival in Croatia; Festival Passages in Metz, France; Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana in Prato, Italy; Centquatre in Paris, France; Ibero-American Theater Festival in Bogota, Colombia. His performances toured also in Rome, London, Antwerp, Mons, Dortmund, etc. In Italy, he directed Leonora, his original project based on motifs by Wagner, starring the opera singer Eleonora Jankovich.
In 2002, his original project Duel (Dvoboj) received a special award at the Maribor Theatre Festival. In 2005, he received the award for aesthetic breakthrough at the same festival for his performances, i.e. Queen Margot and Edward II. He also received the Golden Bird Award for theatre in 2002. His performance When I Was Dead was awarded at the Celje Comedy Festival, International Theatre Festival MESS Sarajevo, Yugoslav Theatre Festival in Užice and at Purgatorije Theatre Festival in Montenegro. His direction of Crime and Punishment was awarded at the 4th International Fortress Theatre Festival in Smederevo, Serbia.

2013 Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol: The Government Inspector, Drama of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor
2013 Jeffrey Lane, David Yazbek, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Ljubljana City Theatre
2012 L. Visconti, S. Cecchi D'Amico, E. Medioli, G. D'Annunzia: The Innocent, Mladinsko Theatre
2012 Drago Jančar: The Great Brilliant Waltz, Drama of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor
2012 Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol: Marriage, Ljubljana City Theatre
2011 Jean Anouilh: The Orchestra, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
2011 Otfried Preußler, Andrej Rozman Roza: The Little Witch, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
2010 Ernst Lubitsch: When I Was Dead, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
2010 William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, Ljubljana City Theatre
2010 William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
2009 Percy Bysshe Shelley: The Cenci, Ljubljana City Theatre
2009 Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky: The Queen of Spades, Opera and Ballet of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor
2009 F. M. Dostoyevsky – Diego de Brea: Crime and Punishment, Mladinsko Theatre
2008 Federico García Lorca: The House of Bernarda Alba, Slovene People’s Theatre Celje
2008 Original project The Little Prince, Drama of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor
2008 William Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
2007 Molière: The Doctor in Spite of Himself, Slovene Repertory Theatre, Trieste, Italy
2007 Jean Genet: The Maids, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
2006 Original project The Damned, based on the original story and script by Nicola Badalucco, Enrico Medioli and Luchino Visconti, Mladinsko Theatre
2006 Christopher Marlowe: Doctor Faustus, Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica
2005 Friedrich Dürrenmatt: Romulus the Great, Slovene Repertory Theatre, Trieste, Italy
2005 Christopher Marlowe: Edward II, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
2005 Alexandre Dumas – Srečko Fišer: Queen Margot, Mladinsko Theatre
2004 Ivan Cankar: Sacrilege in Saint Florian's Valley, Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica
2004 Alfred de Vigny: Chatterton, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana
2003 Roland Schimmelpfennig: Arabian Night, Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica
2003 Peter Svetina: About the Little Walrus Who Didn’t Want to Cut His Fingernails, Puppet Theatre Maribor
2003 Eugène Ionesco: Jack, or the Submission and The Future Is in Eggs, Slovene People’s Theatre Celje
2002 Original project Duel, Glej Theatre
2002 Bob Fosse: Chicago, Slovene People’s Theatre Celje
2002 Eberhart Streul: Papageno Plays on the Magic Flute, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in co-operation with Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana
2001 Fran Milčinski: Twinkle Sleepyhead, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
2000 Eugène Ionesco: Exit the King, Primorsko Drama Theatre Nova Gorica
2000 Oton Župančič: Veronika of Desenice, Šentjakob Theatre
2000 Ernst T. A. Hoffmann, Andrej Rozman Roza: The Nutcracker, Drama of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor
1999 Renate Schupp – Jana Pavlič: The Yellow Wonder, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
1999 Celebration at the unveiling of Rudolf Maister’s monument in Ljubljana
1999 Original project Federico – theatricalized poetry by F. G. Lorca, Ljubljana City Theatre
1999 Ivan Mrak: The Birth of Light, Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
1998 Matija Logar: King in the Newspaper, Primorsko Drama Theatre Nova Gorica
1998 Cveto Golar: Rošlin’s Widow, Šentjakob Theatre
1998 Molière: The Learned Ladies, Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
1996/97 Original project Pilot – homage to Srečko Kosovel, Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (B-production)


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